The Important Aspects of Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018

The Important Aspects of Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018

Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018

Do you want to be a tournament-level tennis player and want to acquire a right guideline? Then you have come to the right place. To be a good tennis player one has to follow the footsteps their ideal players follow. Moreover, to attain the essence of being a good player one should take the start of their College at least. Consequently, it shall help them to understand the point they want to reach and how much hard work they require they have to acquire to reach tournament level. Moreover, one can also look up at the professional tennis player daily schedule 2018 which attains three of the basic aspects.Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018

Hence, these aspects include the schedule regarding diet, exercise and practice plans. Ever wondered how a professional tennis player goes from hours to hours to complete his or her daily session and still deemed to be fit. It is because they follow the diet and exercise plans. One can be as fit as they are if they take to look at these following plans. Sure every professional tennis player manifests their talent but by following the plans they have moved forward. In addition, these plans have made them boost up even in harsh conditions. Moreover, all the professional tennis players are way more serious than one may think of. And this is what makes them keep uprising.

How to Shape One’s Own Tennis Workout

If one has a passion for becoming a great tennis player at tournament level, then one has to make sacrifices. Moreover, to compete with the people bigger in size than the person who wants to be a great player then he or she must work as hard as they could. This might sound boring and harsh to one but to attain something one has to go through such things. Furthermore, to make it less boring one can always work out with their friends. All the professional tennis players are devoted towards their profession and do not crave for attention. Therefore, becoming a Facebook champion or caring about hottest TV shows would not take one any near to the success regarding tennis tournament level. Hence, one should always be focused towards the passion they have.

Being a tennis player at tournament level does not only involve talent or work out. They both go together to attain success. As a result, one who wants to be a professional tennis player must keep these both aspects side by side. The professional tennis player daily schedule 2019 goes like this.

Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018

  • Breakfast at 6:00 A.M

The breakfast must be done at six A.M which includes oatmeal, bananas and lots of them. One should not drown the oatmeal in sugar or any other artificial flavors whereas adding berries is acceptable. Moreover, one should make sure to be hydrated during breakfast by drinking lots and lots of water even if one is not thirsty.

  • Run at 7:00 A.M

One should run for three to six miles to build endurance. Moreover, select a course which is easy for one to continue with and makes him or her happy with appealing visuals for 45-50 minutes.

  • Practice Drill at 9:00 A.M

Hit the court at 9:00 A.M and start with the practice. One must start hitting the 100 balls forehand to forehand and then 100 balls for another hand. The professional tennis player daily schedule 2018 includes hitting the 100 ball consecutively. If one misses a ball he or she must start from the beginning this increases the muscle development.  Moreover, one may play with their friends or use the ball hitting machine.

Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018

  • Lunch at 11:00 A.M

At 11:00 A.M, it is the best time to relax and have lunch. Moreover, one’s lunch must include loads of fruits and grilled chicken. However, one can also go for some pasta because at this point one needs as much food as one can attain.

  • Match Play at 1:00 P.M

At this time have a match play where one must set the strategy. This strategy should be related to the workout such as 3, 5 sets of pushups. Consequently, this strategy shall keep the mind active.

  • Gym at 4:00 P.M

At 4:00 P.M be mentally prepared for a full-time workout at the gym. Moreover, this workout must include one hour on the stair climber, forty-five minutes on stationary bike and a complete circuit of weightlifting. In addition, one can also move out in a better atmosphere with the real bike and go cycling with great intensity. Along with that, weightlifting must involve core, arms, shoulders, upper back, and legs.

  • Dinner at 6:00 P.M

After all the hard work being done in the daytime, one would definitely need to take in nutrients to feel strong internally. Furthermore, take the food rich in proteins and minerals way before bedtime so the metabolism system does not get disturbed.

Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018: How to Shape Tennis Diet Daily

From all the workout an practice being does one might seem to be strong from outside but one needs to be strong from inside as well. Therefore, one should always follow professional tennis player daily schedule 2018 including diet plan which is;


They promote healthy eyesight, which is essential during the match.

Foods with Zinc

It has been proven through studies that taking in of 20 mg of zinc increase the hand-eye coordination. Therefore, oysters, pumpkin seeds, whole grains and other foods with zinc are important as in diet plan.

Vitamin C

They help in muscle repair and found in pepper and citrus fruits.


They are highly recommended as they increase the reflex reactions and they are found in tomatoes, egg yolks, and potatoes.

Vitamin A

It helps in the development of new white blood cells which would be required during hard workouts and infections.

Professional Tennis Player Daily Schedule 2018


The workout aforementioned might sound tough but this is what takes to be a professional tennis player. Moreover, the only talent is not going to take you to the peak of the success but this professional tennis player daily schedule 2018 shall push one towards the success. Along with that, being strong from outside is not going to be enough one has to make energy for this and that can be done by following the diet plan aforementioned. For more related articles, please visit Quick Tennis Lessons.