Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

Private tennis lessons are the important part of the development of any tennis player. Tennis is an individual game and it makes sense when a tennis player ought to have some private tennis lessons to encourage their improvement. We feel it is essential for a development tennis player of all ages or level to locate the correct harmony between private lessons and gathering guideline. As well as it will enhance your clinic experience and vice versa. Players also get a chance to cooperate and play with coaches who are better than them.

Tennis is a game which has a lot of benefits along with keeping you fit and fine. It will not make you enjoy yourself but will also keep you in shape. Many kids enjoy playing tennis and it becomes their habit as they get young. Comparatively, if you are a youngster and you don’t play tennis than you need to start playing. It’s never too late to start a thing which gives you benefit.

  • Reasons for Playing Tennis

You would need private tennis lessons after you convince yourself to play tennis. And for playing tennis here are some reasons explained below;

  1. Heart Health
    Private Tennis Lessons

In a world today where heart diseases are getting common day by day and making people its victim there tennis will improve your heart health. Number one cause of death rate in the US is heart disease which occurs due to inactive heart. Tennis will give you an active mind, sound body and a great workout for the heart.

2. Fundamental Skills

It will get your fundamental skills sharpen. A good constructor will show and point out your flaws in the game and as well as he will try to cut those habits out which will affect your game. A strong fundamental foundation means a better game and a better game will lead you to be a perfect player.

3. A good Physical Coordination

As the time passes and we get old the coordination skills doesn’t stay same. It is a better option to keep yourself involved in such activities which keep your motor skills active. Tennis game also helps you in keeping up with your general body coordination

4. Sharp Mind
Private Tennis Lessons

Just because tennis is also a mental game and keeps your mind involve while you play it so your mind will also get sharp. Having tennis lessons will also improve your thinking skills and will also increase your mental alertness. A study reveals that tennis games develop new neural connections in your brain which help to make it sharp and active.

5. Other Areas of Life

It will indirectly help you in developing tolerance as well as in a positive character building. You will learn the ability to manage adversity. Constant pieces of training will also make you learn to keep discipline in various other things. All these skills will not help you while playing tennis but also in your household issues and in your career lie ahead.

  • 6 Private Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons are also called tennis drills. Here are some of the tennis lessons which are only for one player;

  • Deep and Short
    Private Tennis Lessons

This one of the private tennis lessons works as both, in defense and attack. What a player has to learn in this lesson is that how to switch it from defense to attack when he needs. The coach will throw a deep shot into right-handers backhand which you would have to hit back deeply across the court. Whereas, the second shot will be thrown to you in the right-hander’s forehand which you would have to hit down the line.

  • Defense to Attack
    Private Tennis Lessons

This is a little difficult one of private tennis lessons to handle. As the name tells itself in this drill one have to turn and run in a defensive style and have to play in an attacking situation. The very first ball thrown to you will be the right-hand backhand and you would have to hit it back cross court. The second ball which will be thrown to you will be right-handers forehand and he would have to hit it back again crosscourt. The third ball will be the approach shot hit from the forehand which should be hit down the line. The last ball is the volleyball thrown across the net which should be hit back in a way that the person opposite doesn’t get a chance to hit back and loses it.

  • Down the Line Warm Up
    Private Tennis Lessons

This one from the private tennis lessons is the basket drill in which coach feeds the ball from side to side to the student. In return, the student would have to hit it down the line with forehand or backhand. The student can practice this drill after a drill called cross-court warm-up drill. While you do the practice for this one your coach will observe you and make corrections where you are wrong.

  • Short-Ball Attack
    Private Tennis Lessons

The aim of this one from the private tennis lessons is to make up a pattern of the game which will open up the court by pushing the opposite player wide by hitting across the court. In this drill, the coach will throw 3 balls to you from the service line. The first two balls you would have to hit back deeply across the court at cones in which the coach is able to set up. The last ball is shorter and is thrown into the limits of the service line and should be hit down the line.

  • Spanish Cross
    Private Tennis Lessons

In the private tennis lessons, this lesson is the most difficult one because it deals with the multiple shots. In this drill, the coach is present inside the service line and the player is on the T on the service line. The first ball comes deep to the backhand and should be played as a defensive shot across the court. The second ball is short for forehand and should be played in the attacking style. The third ball comes again for the forehand and has to play in the defensive style. And the last ball comes for the backhand in a shit and has to be played in attacking style.

After all these balls the player comes back to the position so that it would start again.

  • Open Stance Movement
    Private Tennis Lessons

Private tennis lessons usually improve all of your game but this drill focuses on the player’s open stance forehand and backhand. This is the shot used by Novak Djokovic against the world’s best. This drill is designed in a way that first two shots are in the defensive style. Whereas, the other two means 3rd and 4th shots are played in the attacking style, down the line. The last the shots play as pulling the trigger in a hope to win the game. The coach has to feed the ball keeping these things in mind.

  • Conclusion

Tennis is a fun game which you need to play with people who equally want to play with you. 8 to 10 sets of game weekly are more than enough for you which will provide you all the benefits mentioned above. To avail, all those benefits make sure that you play your game with all your heart. The drills and lessons for tennis are for the player to enhance his game. As well as learning with a coach will develop a lot of other skills in you.

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