How to serve in tennis for beginners

How to serve in tennis for beginners

If you’re new at tennis and looking to improve your serve we have a few tips for you to have strong serve as it is the foundation of any fun and competitive tennis game. Here are a few tips for beginners that just might help you.

Adopt Your Position
When you’re serving it’s better if you start each game behind the baseline to the right of the center mark of your tennis court.

Foot Placement
Your body posture is very important to your serve and it adds up to having a stronger effect. Have your front foot at an angle but have your back foot running parallel to the baseline of the court.
It will quite naturally put you sideways to the court and give you the desired posture.

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Your aim is to put the ball into the service box diagonally opposite to you. It is better if you place a target or a mark on the opposite side, as you are new to it and practice by aiming at the target.

Prepare Your Grip
The generally known correct grip is the Chopper Grip, named so because that’s how you’d hold an axe for chopping. Just hold your racket as if it were an axe. The V of your thumb and forefinger should be just to the left of the top of the grip.

how to serve in tennis for beginners

Position Your Racket
Simply point your racket forwards to the target, use your other hand to balance by lightly supporting the throat of the racket.

Bring The Racket Back
Bring your racket back into a throwing position angling your body away from the court, your weight will naturally shift onto your back foot.

Bring The Racket Back

The Ball Toss
At the same time as you draw back your racket, your other arm prepares to release the ball. The motion of your arm upwards kept straight will power the ball.

Keep your left arm straight, don’t bend the elbow. Try to feel a smooth coordinated action with your both arms moving together.

Your Swing
As the ball reaches its highest point, accelerate the racket head towards the ball in a throwing action.

Reach up to hit the ball. The higher you make contact the more power you can generate.

Follow Through
Follow through across your body making an arc shape with your racket, then recover quickly for the next shot.

serve in tennis for adults

Let’s move to the next step involving the counter shot know as the Forehand.

Basic Forehand

Now lets move to how you can work on your counter forearm shot.

Get yourself prepared by adopting the ready position and select your grip. For a flat forehand, the Continental Grip (Chopper Grip) is recommended.

Approach The Ball
As soon as you see where the ball is headed, drive off from your legs, your aim is to get to the ball as soon as possible. As you move, turn your hands towards the ball, this will rotate your shoulders and upper body away from the ball storing up the energy that will power the shot.

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Bring Your Racket Back
As you try to bring it back, pivot your feet to the right. Take the racket head back in a loop.

Use your other hand to point at the ball, thus turning your body sideways. Preparing you for a strong swing.

Your Swing
Simply accelerate the racket into contact with the ball. Your aim is to hit the ball when it is at waist height.

serve in tennis for beginners

Follow Through
With your racket, follow through, reaching the opposite shoulder. Your body rotates naturally so you’re facing the court and ready for the next shot.

It is important that you learn how to serve in tennis step by step. There are other ways to get a better idea of how to serve by watching videos and following lesson plans. Let’s see how much of this information helps you become a pro at tennis.