Group Tennis Lessons

Group Tennis Lessons

Group Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons which are also known as tennis drills are necessary for people who want to succeed in their game. Similarly, tennis lessons also help in the improvement of skills needed for a tennis game. Tennis drills are a part of training for the tennis game. There are two types of drills for players. First one is private tennis lessons in which the player practice and is trained alone. The second one is the group tennis lessons in which a group of players practice and are trained together. In group tennis lessons players not only learn but also seek for fun.

Tennis lessons are equally essential for the players at every level. Comparatively, the types of lessons differ and depend on the level of the player. Suppose the lesson of an expert player will be different and difficult than the lesson taught to a beginner. One should constantly keep up with the tennis drills until he sees some positive effect in his game. A player who qualifies in his physical, mental, technical and strategic skills is the best of players. He keeps a balance between his skills while he plays. The major key to the success in tennis is fitness and practice. The player should set his goals after he achieves them to make sure that he steps ahead with satisfaction and confidence.

  • Why is Tennis Lessons Important?

A player has to play wisely while providing his full concentration to his game. Tennis drills will help a player to improve his game in many aspects. After practicing a lot of drills a player will be able to handle a real match professionally. Or either he might lose the game if he doesn’t know the strategies of the player opposite to him. To learn all the strategies it is necessary for him to practice and take tennis lessons. Tennis is started according to the will of a player but then it flows down to what both players want to play like. Different tennis lessons will serve you with different specialties like psychological, foot practice, concentrating, eye focus etc.
Group Tennis Lessons

Group tennis lessons vary from level to level. There are different lessons for a beginner and different lessons for the advanced player. Similarly, it is important for every player to keep practicing and taking lessons if he wants to continue his game in the long run. Success in tennis depends on how much you practice it on the regular basis. The more you will practice, the more you will get to learn the different parts of tennis. Constant practice, dedication, and a good trainer will lead even a beginner to success in a less time period.

  • 6 Different Group Tennis Lessons

Group tennis lessons can be practiced in either small or large group. The names of the drills also differ coaches have their different names for the same lessons. Some of the common group tennis lessons are described below;

  1. The Jail Game

4 to 20 players are able to practice this one from the group tennis lessons. This can be practiced by players of all levels. In this lesson, all of the players are positioned at one side of the net and are fed with the balls. Similarly, every player has to hit the ball in the lines. But it depends on the level of the player and the coach decides if he has to hit into the double lines, single lines or to any specific target. It depends on you whether you use your forehand or backhand to hit the ball back. The only aim of the player should be to hit the ball to the set specific target for the ball. If he does so then he is safe and if he fails to hit the ball then he has to go to jail.
Group Tennis Lessons

Comparatively, beginners are given more chances as to the advanced players. Going to jail means that you switch the side of the court and catch the balls. The catching ball also caries from level to level. A successful catch means that the person gets out of the jail and the player whose ball is caught becomes the new prisoner. The winner of the game is the one who hit the ball three times in a row and doesn’t get caught. Similarly, if he gets caught, the jailbreaks and a new game start.

  1. Around The World

This one of the group tennis lessons is also a much-modified one which is used for the players of all levels. This drill can accommodate from 6 to 15 players. In this lesson, the coach divides people into two groups which stand opposite to each other across the net. The coach feeds the ball to a player who stands in the front of one line. Similarly, the player has to hit the ball on the court. In this lesson too, the targets are specified according to the level of the players. After hitting the ball the player runs towards the other end of the net and the opposite player also does the same thing.
Group Tennis Lessons

The same process continues and if a player misses the shot then it is called a ‘foul’. The coach will then throw the next ball to the player who was supposed to receive the last shot. Three fouls in the game by a single player will drop him out. Remaining players play the game until each one of them gets out by missing the shots. Similarly, the last player is declared as the winner.

  1. The Lob Game

Group tennis lessons are not only practiced for the game but also fun. This lesson is for the ones who are good and advanced players not for the beginners. This practice runs fast and consists of large groups. The players are positioned at the right of the coach and by the net post. One of the players is the attacker and another player is the chaser. This player runs over to the middle of the net on the other side of the court to tag the center strap with his or her racket. After tagging, the coach, from behind the baseline, feeds a lob down the middle. The chaser has to run down the lob and after that, he has to play against the attacker.
Group Tennis Lessons

After the attacker loses the points then he has to switch the place with the chaser. Similarly, if the attacker wins he remains the attacker. After switching the designation they switch the tasks as well. It is a lesson which is played in a fast-motion. Players have to change their places quickly after winning or losing the points. A lot of positioning takes place on the ground while the ball is in the air. Similarly, players of the game do whatever they can to try to gain points against the attacker.

  1. Pick Up 10

This one from the group tennis lessons asks for 6 players at least to practice it. The six players are divided into two groups with 3 players each. Both the groups are asked to take their positions on the opposite side of the court and one player among the teams stand in between on the hash mark of baseline. Then a toss takes place in order to decide that which team is going to strike first. Ten balls are kept in a basket and the basket is placed on each side of the center near the net. When the coach whistles the player standing I the center has to run to the basket. After it, he runs back to his place with a ball and turns to throw the ball to the player playing on the opposite team.
Group Tennis Lessons

Whereas, the player of the opposite team on the strike also has to run and touch the basket and move back to his place. Similarly, he has to hit the ball which is thrown by the opponent player. The process continues until one team gains all the points. After that, they switch their places. The one who threw balls have to hit them now and the one hitting the ball get the task to throw the balls. The first team who empty their basket is the one who wins the game.

  1. Moonball Game

This is the most interesting one of group tennis lessons. In this practice, the players make their pairs. Two pairs play at a time and stand opposite to each other across the net. One of them is named champions and the others are challenges. The challengers first play a point against the champions. Similarly, the coach has to throw the ball to the champions. And the challengers have to gain the two consecutive points against the champions. After this, the champions are fed with a lob and challengers have to run to the champion’s court in order to get the lob or moonball. The champions move back to the line if they lose the moonball.
Group Tennis Lessons

Similarly, the next pair in line plays against the team who gets to hit the moonball. And in them who runs and get the lob/moonball is the new champion. And the player who lost the moonball will go back and send the next team on the line. The process will keep repeating until and unless one team wins the moonball point.

  1. Kings of the Court

Comparatively, this one is the most popular of tennis group lessons. It is almost same as the moonball drill which is described above. The difference is that the “champions” are known as “kings” here. In this lesson, the kings stand opposite to the challenges in the court and play against them to gain points. The challengers are fed a ball so they could start the game. They need 2 out of 3 points in order to make kings lose their game.
Group Tennis Lessons

After making 2 points they run to the position of the kings and the next pair in the line takes place of the challengers. Similarly, if still the Kings win 2 out of 3 points then the challengers are replaced again by the next team in the line and they move back. The first pair which continuously wins ten times as being the kings will win the entire game.

  • Conclusion

Here was a not a complete but best one from the group tennis lessons. They will help you in understanding different aspects of the game alongside with the better practice. The only disadvantage of these drills is that it depends on the player that how much he gains from it. Similarly, practicing tennis for hours will not only enhance your game but will also make you efficient and you won’t be hitting the balls aimlessly. There are two types of drills. Firstly, the quality tennis drills and the second is the quick tennis drills. Whatever, you practice make sure that you develop some interest in it otherwise you will not be able to gain benefit from it if you do it aimlessly.

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